Leander "LITE" Series Manual Flexion Distraction Table - Elevation (ADA)

Leander "LITE" Series Manual Flexion Distraction Table - Elevation (ADA)

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At Leander, we understand that creating an excellent patient experience is important to building your practice. Our tables are carefully designed with your patients' comfort in mind.

We know it's even more important to protect your practice's most important asset - your back! Leander Tables are designed to improve the everyday posture of the chiropractic physician. Two table elevation height range options provide you with a custom height to protect your back and posture. 

Leander Tables are designed and custom built in the heartland of the USA to your exact needs. We have a wide selection of  commercial Naugahyde colors to complement your office décor. Leather upholstery upgrade is available for $990.00 in a wide selection of colors. Please contact us at 785.856.7474 or 800.532.6337 for more information.

Due to the high level of customization for each table, please allow 8 weeks for delivery.

  • Manual Flexion Distraction
  • Automatic Flexion / Extension Locking
  • Front Lateral Flexion 
  • Break-Away Abdominal Section
  • Caudal Rotation
  • Long-Axis Traction
  • Adjustable T-bar
  • Extended Ankle Cushion
  • Adjustable Face Cushion
  • 22" Table Width
  • Commercial Grade Naugahyde Upholstery in a wide variety of colors. Leather upgrade $990.00, please call 785.856.7474 for options.
  • Full 1-year Non-Prorated Limited Warranty