Scoliosis Kit for Leander Motorized Flexion Distraction Tables

Scoliosis Kit for Leander Motorized Flexion Distraction Tables

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The purpose of using the LEANDER TABLE for treatment of scoliosis is to stop the progression of idiopathic scoliosis in a patient, and in some cases, to decrease the degree of scoliosis. This treatment is an excellent alternative from having to wear a large, cumbersome brace or undergo spinal surgery.

The principle of the LEANDER SCOLIOSIS TEATMENT is to force a spine inflicted with scoliosis into a temporarily straight position. This is accomplished by using a series of belts, attached to brackets, and mounted onto the sides of a LEANDER Motorized Flexion Distraction Adjustment Table. Once the spine has been artificially straightened and held rigid by the belts, it is axially stretched as the vertebral bodies are flexed and distracted. Ligaments are being allowed to relax and shorten (over a period of time) and muscles are being flexed and relaxed in a normal method. This cannot be done with the presence of scoliosis, but once the scoliosis has been temporarily altered the spine reacts in a normal manner.

Each time the treatment session is completed, the spine is temporarily straightened, then relaxed. It will revert to its previous scoliosis state when the belts are removed, but not to the same exact degree. Slowly, over 12 to 18 months, the scoliosis can be expected to be at least stabilized, and in some cases greatly reduced.

By augmenting regular chiropractic treatments with the LEANDER SCOLIOSIS TREATMENT, a successful treatment can be accomplished, with less time and expense.

This kit is for use with Leander 900 and 950 Series Motorized Flexion Distraction Tables.