Leander 950 Series Flexion Distraction Table

At Leander we understand that creating an excellent patient experience is of utmost importance to building your practice, and our tables are carefully designed with your patient's comfort in mind. Unlike many chiropractic tables, Leander Tables are also designed to improve the everyday posture of the chiropractic physician.

A Leander Table can help you protect one of your practice's most important assets: your own back health. Most chiropractors can feel stress in their own backs while leaning over a patient to give a thoracic adjustment, lumbar adjustment, or anterior thoracic adjustment. If not performed properly, these repeated movements can eventually create back problems for the chiropractor and may even shorten a doctor's career. Ideally, to gain leverage comfortably and effectively complete the desired spinal adjustment, chiropractors should position themselves as close as possible to the patient.

Chiropractic tables should be designed to allow the doctor to easily position his or her feet under the table. Table height is also a major factor in maintaining proper physician posture. A table of the incorrect height can make it difficult for the doctor to position their body in a way that is effective and posture-safe.

Leander Flexion Distraction Tables are available in 2 models. The 950 Series offers variable height options that range from 18.5" - 24" or 21" - 29". The 900 Series table is a fixed height in one inch increments from 18" to 29" to create an ideal working height for you.

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