Leander Motorized Flexion Distraction Tables

Leander 950 Series Flexion Distraction Table

The Leander technique, also known as Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Assisted Adjusting, uses table motion to relieve muscle spasm and low back pain. It utilizes mechanical advantages of patient positioning and specific doctor contact points to reduce bulging disks.

Motorized Flexion Distraction means less force is required for spinal corrective procedures. The Leander Table, invented by Dr. Leander Eckard, is the first table designed to provide an excellent patient experience AND protect the practitioner's own back health. Our tables are designed and made in our factory in Lawrence, Kansas with custom and variable height options. Each table is manufactured to your exact specifications.

Please visit our our pages about our elevation enabled (950 Series) and fixed height (900 Series) models to learn more about their features.

Visit our online store or to order a table, genuine Leander parts, and supplies. To parts not listed on our website, please call our TOLL FREE number 800-532-6337. Our staff is available Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm Central Time.